Friday, April 13, 2012

Detroit Zoo

OK, so I've got a bit more time today to add some more stuff from our Easter break adventures. The kids and I visited the Detroit Zoo last Friday. What a beautiful day! I had an amazing time. I was very pleased to finally see the gorillas out in the habitat, roaming around. Got some great shots.

We stood at the first viewing area and I gasped a little as all of a sudden this gorilla strolled right up on the rock in front of us and scanned our little group of misfits.

After marveling at the gorillas, I really wanted to see the new lion enclosure. I hadn't been to the zoo since they decided to expand it and place a sheet of glass between the lions and the visitors. It looks awesome and you can get right up close to the lions. Alas, we arrived during nap-time!

Lazing about in the late morning sunshine.

Typical kitty-cat. She rolled over, belly-up to soak up some rays.

After the lions we proceeded to wander on. Stopping to listen to some peacocks crow, I was utterly amused by the playfulness of a random squirrel romping around and being all silly in the background behind this grazing critter...

The squirrel (we lovingly refer to as "minion") was bouncing...

...and doing flips on to his back...

...and apparently he thought he was tougher than this peacock 
and had to prove it by flexing his  muscles! He just cracked me up!

Ambling on, we venture past the two rhinos, who are also lazing about in the sun and continue to make our way around towards the African animals. Along a wall, just a mere two feet in front of us, sits a beautiful peacock in all his glory. He sits for a long, long time. Just watching us as we watch him. I get some awesome shots before he jumps in to the zebra pen.

I can't believe I got this shot in focus. Whenever I tried to zoom in on something like this, 
I always get the background clear and the actual object I was trying to capture all blurred. 
This is definitely one of my favorites!

This male was behind us, across the walkway, and decided to fan out his tail-feathers 
for no particular reason.

Moving along, I was completely mesmerized by the giraffes. They were incredibly active and walking all over their habitat. I just stood there forever watching them glide across the grass. This is when the kids started to get bored. I probably lingered too long, but I don't care. They just had such a majestic aura about them that day. I'll only post a couple of my favorite shots.

Family of 3 just having a stroll.

Mommy playfully giving Junior a nudge.

Junior grazing the grassy knoll just a few feet in front of me. 
Love the way the shadows of the tree branches reflect off his spots.

OK, so I have more coming, but need to take a break right now so I can change over my laundry and go pick up my son from school. Enjoy your day and thanks for checking in! :)

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