Friday, April 13, 2012

More from the Detroit Zoo

Well, the kids are gone for the evening spending the night with their Auntie and Uncle, so I find that I have more time to continue this blog. I guess I'm sorta diggin' it. Hubby now wants me to start one for him and his cookie business. That'll be a devotion of another kind. Have to familiarize myself with this one more before I take on his. Ah well, on with our trip to the zoo....

So, we've left the giraffes and sat down for some lunch. Afterwards, we meandered over to see the three new orphaned grizzly bear cubs recently rescued by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game that have come to reside at the DZS. They were soooo cute. They are brothers - named Boo, Mike and Thor and are roughly around 16 months old. Their mother was illegally shot and killed, last October, in the hills outside the city of Anchorage, Alaska. I have no idea which one is which in these photos, but man were they cute. One wouldn't come out of the water. The second one was in and out of the water and the the third one just sat at the edge of the enclosure just as curious about all the on-lookers as we were about him.

This is one brother who would not come out of the water. 
He just chewed on this hunk of wood and swam around.

This is Mr. Curious. He was very active and inquisitive.

I swear he was looking right at me when I took this photo. He was scratching an itch.

This is the third brother who occasionally came out to see what was happening.

So, we leave these bears to enter the Arctic Ring of Life. Of course we're at the very back and have to walk all the way to the front entrance of the ARoL and then walk all the way thru to the back where we just were. Good exercise!

It seems whenever we get to the Arctic Ring Of Life, the polar bears are not in the water. You can see he's dripping. Just got out and will be asleep in the sun by the time we leave the exhibit.

Nate, Nick and Allie

Was a constant flow of people walking between the kids and myself. This is the best shot I could get while there was a minor break in traffic. At least Nate has a smile this time. 

So, we don't see too much more after the arctic circle, so we just take our time heading towards the exit. We do stop at an area near the reptile house to rest and people watch. I got some great, somewhat candid, shots of the kids.

Following in Daddy's footsteps. "Can you see me now?" She got a lot of smiles and chuckles from passers-by.

Last stop on the way out was the pond behind the Amphibi-Ville. There wasn't too much going on cuz the water is still a bit chilly, but we did find a turtle sunning itself on a log. A few ducks, a couple swans and another bird I've never seen before. Couldn't get him too much in focus because he was quite a-ways away, but he was very cool looking.

A pair of swans with that black bird I can't identify. The closest type I can come up with is a Double-Crested Cormorant, but I have no idea if that's it or not. It was beautiful nonetheless.

A couple of ducks foraging in the muck.

OK, well, that's all I have on our trip to the zoo. Catch ya in the next episode....Koi Wrangling!

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