Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Last Summer Part One...

Last summer, our family was fortunate enough to get two week-long vacations up north. My parents have a "vacation" home that used to once be the actual home of my Grandmother. Sadly, Grandma Rose died several years ago and Mom and Dad bought out the siblings and have been spending loads of time and money fixing up the house. Eventually, they wanna retire and move up there, but for now, it's a weekend getaway home and summer vacation spot.

Every year, we travel up "north" and stay a week or so at the house. There's always work to do along with the fun. The property still has many trees and brush that need to be regularly cleared out. Vacation isn't always fun and relaxing, but the work is never a problem. Just being up there, everything feels different. Life moves at a more relaxed pace. It's peaceful.

Even the sound of the wood chipper and PaPa's chainsaw don't bother you.

These kids worked hard helping drag out all the brush to the chipper....

....or to the fire pit.

All the rest of the days were spent roaming around the "tip-o'-the-mitt". We like to spend as little money as possible, doing the simplest things, but having the most enjoyable times.

One day took us "up across" to see a traditional native american powwow. Bright costumes danced all around as the drums beat and voices chanted.

After the powwow, we drove down a highway, stopping at shops and seeing the sights. Found some interesting little hideaways that we never knew existed.

Nothing special at this location. They had some white deer, but wanted to charge $5.00 per person to go back and see/feed them. Not a chance!
This place was interesting. We spent over an hour here.
They had a wildlife zoo in the back, that was kinda in shambles,
but was still fun to visit.

This was carved on the front of the pulpit in a makeshift chapel just before entering the Totem pole room.
Doug having fun with the locals.
Don't leave me hangin'.

Who you calling Satan?

Out back of Totem Village in the Wildlife Zoo.
There were five Sitka Deer to feed. They were so cool. 

"What's that?" It was spooked by a noise in the woods and fluffed it's fur as it stood on guard.
 There were several other animals here, which included a peacock, an arctic fox, a three-legged bobcat, a goat, and a few species of chickens, but the cages were so covered with wire, the pictures are not worth displaying. On the way out, Allie did find some pretty cool feathers she strategically placed in her pant-leg to sneak out.

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