Saturday, April 14, 2012

Koi Wrangling on Belle Isle

It's Saturday, April 7, 2012. We're down on Belle Isle for a day of fun scouting activities. First stop is the Aquarium. It's time to move the koi from the basement ponds to the outdoor Japanese pond. We arrive with buckets in hand, that we will donate to the aquarium when the job is done. Scouts and parents alike are all excited about this first-time adventure in which we get to participate. 

Waiting in line for our turn to go wrangle some koi.

Gotta put some water in the bucket before the fish go in.

Those fish are super speedy and have no desire to be swept in to a net,
so it's best to work as a team to snag 'em.

The outdoor Japanese pond. Finally they have more room to swim.

This is Moe. He is the oldest koi at the aquarium. He's 80 years old!

This is Elisa. She and Douglas go way, way back!

Inside the aquarium. It's not open to the public normally and most of the tanks are empty or filled with decorations by adopted sponsors. I love the green tile. Wish that was in my bathroom!

Randy, Lisa (our CubMaster) and Douglas on the opposite side of an empty tank. Bloop bloop bloop!

All done working and visiting the aquarium, so it's time to have some lunch, 
which was graciously provided  for the volunteers. Hot dogs, chips and soda.

Volunteer Koi-Wranglers from Pack 1447. There were many more parents and a few other cubs
who scooted out before this picture was snapped. 

In true Scout fashion, we "Leave No Trace".
We asked for some trash bags and patrolled the grounds
for garbage and empty cans.

The Tigers were playing over at the CoPa and the blimp was circling around downtown Detroit.
This was about 4 to 5 miles from our location. Pretty good zoom!

Miss Robyn was sitting eating an apple and she posed for another shot, so
I suggested she plank with the apple in her mouth. She's such a great sport!

Of course, Miss Lisa had to give it a go, and well, she needed some extra support from her son, Randy.
Valiant effort Miss Lisa. Rock on!

The three most comical, happy-go-lucky leaders within our Pack.
Miss Robyn, Miss Lisa and of course, my hubby, Douglas

Well, this concludes our visit to the aquarium on Belle Isle. They are striving to re-open to the public for regular visitation, but there is still loads of work to be done. If you are interested, you may click on the following link to learn more about the aquarium and the Belle Isle Conservancy....

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