Monday, April 23, 2012

Last Summer Part Three

I left off with our adventure through the Tunnel of Trees. We made it to Petoskey and had a wonderful dinner at Odawa Casino Buffet.
Hubby, the kids and I make our way to Bayfront Park on Little Traverse Bay to watch the most amazing sunset. What a glorious evening that was!

Being on the west side of the state made the evening dusk linger much longer. There was a waterfall, of sorts, across the park with a small stream. We played near there and took some fun photos.

Where's Doug-O?

 Leave it to Douglas to always be a goof-ball!

We're done prancing around by the stream and make our way over to the water's edge. The shoreline is covered with huge jagged boulders. The kids are determined to find their very own Petoskey stone, but of course, they have no luck. Doesn't stop them from spending most of the evening climbing all over the rocks.

Doug's goofy idea to have them tilt their heads to the side, reminiscent of when Forrest Gump and his son did so in the movie.

My absolute favorite photo. It's currently my desktop wallpaper.

As many times as I've looked at these photos, I never noticed the fiery-golden glint of the sunset on the tips of each wave. Amazing!

Where's Doug-O?

 We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful, and blessed, day!

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