Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Last Summer Part Two...

This was, by far, the very bestest day we ever spent "up north". We began our day driving from the house in Cheboygan, all the way to Cross Village. There isn't much in Cross Village, but that was the starting point for a most adventurous day.

This was the beginning of our journey. Driving through a literal "Tunnel of Trees" for twenty miles, winding and weaving, with barely enough room for one car to pass another. There was rarely a spot to pull over and scattered along this stretch of road were signs like this one teaching us of the history of "my people". Yes, folks, I am a Native American by blood. My family descends from the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians and we even had a real life Indian Chief just a few generations back. Yep, Indian Royalty! How do ya like them feathers?! 

Anyway, five hours we spent cruising along, stopping periodically when the road permitted. Sometimes we just stopped right there on the road to take a quick snap of a historical sign, or a deer in the woods. Our first lengthy stop was at St. Ignatius.

Behind this beautiful church was a pathway leading about a 1/4 mile down to a small beach on Lake Michigan.

There was an overlook about ten feet before the stairs that led down to the beach.

Lake Michigan is a bit chilly. Even in July.

Allie was on a rock collecting mission during this whole trip.
She left her bag in the car and had to haul
the rocks back in her shoe.

Where's Doug-O?

So, we finally leave this peaceful little nook and continue our travels. We don't get too far when we stumble upon a little town, and little is an over-statment. There were literally four little buildings in a row that made up the town (if you could call it a "town") of Good Hart. Nothing really to stop and look at so we keep going. Not much further down the road I catch sight of a deer in the woods. I stop right there in the middle of the road to snap a couple pictures.

Here's Mommy....

...and Baby too!  

So, we see several of those signs marking significant things along the way, but there is never a spot to stop, park and explore. Bummer, cuz we would have liked to actually see some of the places the signs told us about. It would have been like stepping back in time, I think.

Oh look! A sign with someplace we can stop and explore!

Sorry, it's a bit blurry.

This was the last place we got to stop before the end of The Tunnel of Trees. We spent about an hour and a half here before heading on to Petoskey to meet up with the parents, Aunt and Uncles for dinner at the Casino buffet. Here are some of my favorite moments from Thorne Swift Nature Preserve.

Where's Doug-O?

There were three different trails that all eventually met up on the opposite side nearest
the lake. We knew our time was getting short and the parents were going to call to
have us meet for dinner, so we opted for the shorter, more manicured trail. My knee was
really bothering me from all the hiking we had already been doing, so short and sweet was good for me.

The kids actually took their time and stopped and read every sign along the nature trail.

The Pond. We didn't see too much wildlife other than some birds flitting about.
Pretty, but somewhat disappointing.

We made it to the opposite side. Down we go to explore another beach.

I'm the king of the world!

Taking a break. 

This beach was much rockier than others we visited, but didn't stop the kids from taking a stroll.

Really good camera zoom. They were at least 100 yards down the beach.

On our way back. Still no wildlife spotted.

My knee was really sore, so they took a break and waited for me to catch up.

Uprooted tree. I thought it was cool.
Alright, so our time here has ended. Next stop is Petoskey for dinner and then we had the most amazing evening ever watching the sunset over Little Traverse Bay. I'll save those pics for the next post. It's late and I'm heading to slumber-land. Nightie-night and thanks for checking in. Bugs 'n stuff!

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  1. Angie...your pictures just keep getting better and better. Only problem, all these family pictures and you're not in any of them. You've got to learn to set the camera and the timer so you can be in at least a few.